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Pack Relatos terroríficos de Junji Ito
OFERTA: 101,74 €
Pack Relatos terroríficos de Junji Ito Número 1   (Salida 03/12/2019)

Editorial: ECC ED.

ISBN: 9788418094804

Año de publicación: 2019

Descripción: Resumen: Incluye la obra completa Relatos terroríficos en 18 tomos. Una biblioteca integrada por las historias que han hecho a Junji Ito merecedor de la etiqueta de maestro del terror. Sobradamente conocido gracias a obras como Uzumaki, Black Paradox o Gyo, Junji Ito es uno de los mangakas más reconocidos y personales de la actualidad. Edición original: Sleuth kids núms. 1 y 2 JP, Gentsuuyashima JP, The woman of Loose Bone JP, Biohouse, The Face Burglar, Den of the Sleep Demon, Heart of father JP, The Devil's logic, The Long Hear in the Attic, Love as Scripted, Sword of Reanimation, Unbearable Maze, The Bully JP, The Village of Sirens, A Desert in the House, The smoking club, The back Alley JP, Falling, The conversation room, Ryokan, Mold JP, Approval, Town without streets, Memory, Red Tring JP, Ice Cream Bus, Second-Hand Record, The Gift Bearer, The Bridge, The Circus is Here JP, La colmena, The supernatural transfer student, The Groaning Drain JP, Maptown, Blood Bubble Bushes, Flesh-colored horror JP , Esculturas sin cabezas, House of puppets, Hanging Balloons JP, Dying Young, The Chill, Scarecrows, The Will, Near Miss, In the soil JP, Clubhouse, Slug girl, The story of the Mysterios Tunnel, Bronze Statue JP , he window next door, Thing that drifted Ashore, Drifting Spores, Blood Sickness of the White Sands Village JP, Gravetown, My Dear Ancestors, Long Dream, Hallucinations JP, Bog of the living Dead, Penpal, Roar of Ages, The Ghosts of Golden Time, Hell'o Dollies aka a doll's Hellish Burial JP, Further Tales of oshikiri, Oshikiri walls, Blood Slurping Darkness, Intruder JP, Fixed Face (顔面固定), Glyceride (グリセリド), The Earthbound (地縛者), Dead Man Calling (死刑囚の呼鈴), In the Valley of Mirrors (合鏡谷にて) JP, Junji Ito's Dog Diary Part 1 (動物生活犬ライフ1), Junji Ito's Dog Diary Part 2 (動物生活犬ライフ2), A shit to Remember (リアルウンコノオモイデ), Anything but a Ghost! (幽霊になりたくない), Library of Illusions (蔵書幻影), Songs in the Dark (闇の絶唱), Splatter Film (潰談) JP

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